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Parrots are intelligent, beautiful, and wonderful creatures, yet often exploited in the pet trade. Our Society exists to raise awareness about their unique needs and improve the lives of companion parrots in Singapore.


Parrot Society Singapore is a non-profit animal welfare society established in 2022 by a group of dedicated parrot owners in response to a lack of knowledge and support for proper parrot care in Singapore. We have rescued and fostered several parrots among ourselves and shared care tips to many members of the parrot community. In 2022, we decided to set up this non-profit organisation to formalize our initiatives.‚Äč

One of our main goals at Parrot Society (Singapore) is to spread awareness about proper care and welfare of companion parrots. We target to offer a variety of educational programmes, workshops, and seminars on topics such as parrot behavior, diet, and health. We also provide resources and information to help parrot owners understand their birds better, so as to forge more fulfilling bonds between them.

We believe that parrots, no matter small or large, deserve to live in environments that meet their physical, social, and psychological needs.


To achieve a Singapore where parrots are no longer unethically exploited, and where they can coexist with humans peacefully.


To elevate the welfare standards of parrot-keeping in Singapore through education and outreach, and to provide a sustainable system through which abandoned, neglected, and mistreated parrots can be aided.

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We are a community of passionate individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of parrots in Singapore. Join us in our mission to make Singapore a better place for parrots and their human companions.

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