MapleBear Kindergarten (5 Jul 2023)

Parrot Society Singapore (PSS) made their way to Maplebear Kindergarten on 5th July to conduct an interactive talk with two classes, aged 3-4 and 5-6. The children were curious and engaged, and they were eager to share what they had learnt and know about parrots.

As an introduction, a presentation on basic information on parrots was shared with the classes. They got to learn about the features of a parrot, ways to identify them, and some common parrot species. Videos of parrots showing different behaviours were also played. For children who answered questions that were prepared during the presentation, bird-themed stickers were given out as prizes.

The classes also got the opportunity to get up close and personal with 2 lovebirds and 1 pineapple conure that PSS brought. After sharing with them what were the general types of food that are safe and unsafe for parrots, volunteers were able to experience feeding and interacting with the birds. They were also taught ways to handle parrots, such as asking for permission from the owners, patting only on the head, and no screaming or sudden movements.

To end the session, a photo-taking session was held where the children were able to take individual and group photos with the parrots. The PSS members that were involved in the session also took a group photo with the classes.

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