SingPAW 58 (5 Aug&6Aug 20230)

On 5 and 6th August 2023, the Parrot Society Singapore (PSS) took part in SingaPAW 2023, an event organised by Hope for Animals Singapore. At the South Beach Tower venue, PSS’ spacious booth was thoughtfully positioned a distance away from the other animal exhibits, providing a stress-free location for our birds and ensuring the safety of all participating animals.

The event was a clear success, with many new sign ups to our Telegram group, which provides an open learning platform for all parrot owners ― new and old alike! Many participants were also impressed by the wealth of information provided on parrots at the booth, leaving them with a newfound appreciation for our feathered friends.

However, the educational engagement was not just restricted to adults. Even the little ones had fun learning interesting facts about parrots and how to care for them through our interactive trivia games. These included exciting activities like “Spot the Hazard” and parrot identification games. To the delight of many young participants, they even got to bring home cute sticker packs from completing these challenges!

Of course, our parrots emerged as the true stars of the event, and caught the eyes of many individuals who were interested in interacting with our charming and chatty birds. A few people even showed interest in adopting our lovebirds that were on site.

However, the event was not without its share of challenges. A few well-meaning attendees unwittingly brought their dogs and cats too close to our parrots, creating potential safety hazards for our birds. Fortunately, our diligent volunteers came to the rescue by reminding these participants to keep a safe distance from the booth.

All in all, PSS is proud to have been a participant in SingaPAW 2023. Our participation played an important role in creating awareness on proper parrot care and working towards a future in Singapore where every parrot finds a loving and secure home!

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